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Lionheart Technologies
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Perhaps you have a home office for conducting private business that could be more efficiant and secure. At home playing games, watching movies, or surfing the web at breakneck speed.  Maybe you have a large multi-department LAN or multi-location WAN of computers and peripherals linked to your corporation. whatever you do with technology, we at Lionheart Technologies have the commitment, and proven expertise to consult with you on your equipment's use and performance. Then we will provide answers, services, and/or  products that give you the best possible results for your systems and your budget. Our fast, reliable, and affordable serivces are geared to get you up and running and keep your systems working smoothly.

Our proprietor and lead technician Eric Lindhardt has been a computer service technician since 1992. He has worked hard to gain the highest level of expertise in his field. These skills include:
  • Consultation on technologies and standards with private consumers and corporate clients.
  • Operation of technical support service options provided to clients via telephone and internet.
  • In-house building computers from parts, mixing used and new parts or custom designing a new system.
  • In-house upgrade and repair services for existing systems with client specified replacement parts. 
  • On-site network engineering building LAN and WAN systems from the ground up.
  • On-site hardware peripheral installation and configuration on exsisting systems or networks.
  • Operatinig system installations for private computers, network workstations or network servers. Microsoft, Sun, Machintosh, Unix/Linux, Novell, etc.

Lionheart Technologies * 806 East Main Street Suite #4 * Bennington, VT * 05201